Roaming around the markets.


This was one of those days of healing.


In late celebration of my dear friend’s birthday, we decided to catch up over brunch and walked around the Glebe Saturday Markets.


She’s one of those friends that I can feel comfortable around no matter whether we’re barefaced or dressed up, half asleep or high on sugar. She is someone that encourages me to grow and is not afraid of the truth. So grateful for this beautiful sister in Christ!

We went to one of my favourites, a beautiful antique bookstore/café called Sappho in Glebe.


Not my best food shots, but we were starving and I was getting a bit impatient.

I wish I had gotten a shot of the café courtyard behind the bookstore. It was decorated with fairy lights, pot plants and wall art, and all you could hear was the buzz of happy chatter and brewing coffee.


A reason this has become one of my favourite spots is due to their amazing collection of old books, records and music sheets tucked away upstairs in antique wooden cases. I feel at peace there, since it has that familiar, old-book smell, and the natural light streams through in the most artistic way.


This is a shot of the markets where we wandered through the maze of vintage clothing, handmade art and jewellery, and nibbled on homemade sweets.


After wandering around the backstreets practising photography and observing street art, we settled into a cosy bar for some Polish & Czech beer.

‘Twas a good day.




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