That time we went to New Zealand.

Sometimes, you just need to act spontaneously.

View from NZ sky_InPixio

For example, when there’s a flight sale about to finish up at 12am that night.

We somehow gathered a group of six close friends, all very adult and hence very busy, committed and ready within less than a day for a 10 day trip in January ’17 to the neighbouring country.

DSC_0037_InPixioMeet the crew. We also go by #NZsquad2k17. (yes, we were wearing winter clothes in their summer, that’s how cold it was!)

First stop was Christchurch! We landed, only to be (jokingly) informed that we had brought the rain with us all the way from Sydney, by both the random lady who directed us, and the rental bus driver. After picking up our rental and getting some food into our cold and tired bodies, we set out to explore the overcast town.


This was a random dog park we discovered while driving around to find a lookout in the mountains.


Out of focus, but still beautiful.

We had it all planned out. We were all going to take turns driving and try and reach as many destinations as possible in the South Island. Christchurch—Queenstown, with many cities in between!


Being determined to hike as many trails and mountains as possible, we already sought to tackle one on the second day, despite the rainy weather.

Funny story, Christie decided to hop to and fro along the trail, jumping onto what she thought were safe, grassy landings away from the puddles and mud. Little did she know that one of them would suck her foot in ankle deep and take her shoe right off her! We were in absolute hysterics for a solid ten minutes, before setting off to face the rest of the muddy goodness.


This was the lake at the first lookout on the trail. We made it all the way to the swing bridge but I was too terrified to take any photos. The bridge literally hung over a massive gorge of rushing water! It was definitely impressive, but a little overwhelming.


So that summed up the first two days. It felt like a great start to the many greater days to come.

Part II will be up soon!



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